Business Application Platform

for everyone and for everything

Business Application Platform

Universal platform to build information system for your business of any complexity and performance needs

Data Model Management

  • Based on OrientDB
    • Multi paradigm: RDBM, Document DB, Graph DB, Key-Value
    • CRUD API
    • Build for speed
    • Solid Product Stability & Maturity
    • Multi master scalability
  • Flexible data-model manipulations
  • Built-in localization of schema and data

Business Inteligence

Data Ingestion & Integration

  • OrientDB as base database allows to use wide OrientDB ETL functionality
  • Easy interface to configure ETL and integrations configurations
  • On boarding of Apache Camel as main integreation engine

For everyone

We are confident that Orienteer suits everyone's needs. If you think otherwise, let us know!


Modern, reliable and inexpensive solution for boosting your business!


Rapid prototyping allows to turn your idea into a product and significantly decrease time to getting it to market.

System Integrators

Flexible and open architecture allows you to build robust and solid solutions for your customers.

Business Executives

To keep an eye on everything in your company is priceless. Orienteer allows to collect, organize and analize any corporate information.

System Architects

Beautiful, modular and flexible system architecture is a key factor for constructing your IT infrastructure.


Open source, well documented and highly customizable platform for pure creativity.

For everything

Our goal is to provide wide range of functionality required for busines-oriented applications.



Please contact us if you are interested in our specialized solutions for your business: Orienteer CRM, Orienteer ERP, Orienteer BPM

Apps & IoT backend

Apps & IoT backend

Orienteer is the best in generic data management, very desirable in backend systems for your app or IoT solution.

Custom Solution

Custom Solution

Orienteer is very flexible and customizable to cover your business needs.

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