Orienteer PaaS Manager

Quick and easy solution to start selling of your service in a cloud. It allows you:

  • Define your products as docker services
  • Define different price plans
  • Synchronize your products and price plans with Stripe
  • Handle subscriptions life cycle: new, termination, change plan and etc.

Orienteer Chat Bot

Quick develop and deploy your own Chat Bot

  • Support of Facebook Messenger, Telegram. Extendable for other network
  • Bot’s scenario defined in Conditional Graph
  • Tracking and documenting all bots interactions

Orienteer CRM

Easily extendable CRM solution for SMB

  • Includes all benefits of Orienteer as platform
  • Out of the Box support of generic company and sales lifecycle
  • CRM which grows with your business

IoT Device Management Solution

IoT vendor and looking for a solution to manage and monitor your swarm of devices? You found it!

  • Extendable Device Management
  • Direct or in-direct connectivity with IoT devices
  • Different access models: as vendor, as dealer, as user
  • Up to 10.000 device connections on single average hardware

ICO Management Solution

Flexible and affordable solution for performing your ICO

  • Full control over your solution and your account: hosted or on-premise
  • Customize, extend, and build on top of Business Application Platform (BAP) like a Pro
  • The most cost-effective solution on the market of IT platforms for ICO
  • Built-in features to start your ICO with affiliate and bounty programs

Crypto Portfolio Management & Trading Solution

Owns multiple crypro-currencies and looking for reliable solution for managing your portfolio? To preserve and grow your wealth!

  • Support of multiple crypto-exchanges
  • Portfolio tracking and automatic rebalancing per MPT (modern portfolio theory)
  • Pluggable trading strategies

Order Management Solution

Automate creation and tracking orders for your organization. Can be used for sale or for internal orders (for example maintenance, BOM and etc.)

  • Flexible Product Catalog
  • Easy to configure eligibility, compatibility and availability rules
  • Workflow for order processing